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OMG!  Did you here the new Movie: Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice just came out recently.  Here's the trailer I watched on my PokePad!
Well, Chloe and I were a bit of a rush and did decide to skip the rest of the Moon Festival, but of course, you can find it in the extras section of Vixie at some point...

 Anyways, I was really surprised to find out that Ash's Pokedex [YES CHLOE, I think its a Pokedex still!] read that Chloe's Lillipup was a Mew.  

I also forgot to tell Chloe the second reason I came here: to get the latest, up-to-date version of the PokeNav app.  While Ash explains a few things to
Chloe, I ask Elaine to purchase the new version of the PokeNav app for PokePads.  "That'll be $15.00 in all, but you're recycling the previous one so you get a 75% discount," Elaine tapped a few numbers in to the Cashier register and I paid right out of my blue and black striped wallet with a yellow star in the middle.  Then, Elaine made a switch which the older version of the PokeNav to the new.  

"Chloe, it's time to go now," I reminded her in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Alright, I have to install the PokeDex/ Scanner app!"  Chloe replied and shuffled to Elaine.  

"So, is that Eevee your Pokemon," Ash asked.  I nodded and stared at the nervous, yet precious Eevee hiding behind my legs.  "Say, you guys haven't battled anyone before have you?  It's always good to battle when you want to form stronger bonds between your Pokémon."

 "Alright!  I want to be the top co-ordinator so I'll battle you first, but I warn you, Eevee and I have already planned some combonations!"  I agreed.  After, Chloe finished her shopping and we decided to delay our battle for now.

"You do realize Ash is traveling with us now," Chloe remarked.  We chatted on and on and explained our route to Ash and since he was dedicated to winning the Solunar Leauge and took on the Gym battle challenge.  First, we'll hunt for some Solunar Pokemon in the wild areas and camp there.  Tomorow, we'll rollerskate to the Lunar city gym and we can stop by the bike place to rent a bbike for Ash.  

"I'm actually going to do some training first, if you don't mind," I admitted.  Chloe and Ash head one way and I stay here.  "Okay, Eevee, use Sand-attack!"  The sand whirled around from the ground and manage to cover one area.  "Now use Dark ball through the middle!"  Eevee had just mastered this skill at the Moon Festival when we volunteered to do a practice battle.  Eevee jumped high in the air above the mini sandstorm and blew a dazzling dark ball straight in to the sand.  Brillantly, the sand mixed well with the purple sparkles and sand.  However, "It isn't enough," I sighed.  "The next Pokemon Contest is in a while, so we have time to
train to our best efforts,"  I looked in to the bright, blue sky and smiled, "At least we have a long journey and many chances to get better."
I woke up in excitement. This is the day Vixie and I are starting our adventure.The journey of the solunar region! I get up quick out of my bed, and quickly get ready to go to Vixie's house. ONce i say goodbye to my mother and grab lilly pup, i run as fast as i can to Vixie's. 

  It doesn't  really matter though, because we live right next to each other. I see Vixie waiting or me on her steps. She stands up, and we both scream. we have been waiting for this all our lives,and its now happening!

  First, we go tho the Pokemon clinic to see Elaine to introduce us to a famous guy or somehing. Then, while we wait, I see him. Ash Ketchum. I could not believe it, neither could Vixie, "hi," we both say in shock.  
    "Hey, I am ash, you two must be Vixie and Chloe, and who is that?" He points to lillypup. Taking out his scanner, Lillypup tightens up on my shoulder. With all of us in shock, we hear ash's scanner say Mew, the legendary pokemon.

  All eyes go to Lilly pup, or mew. She tries to hide in the back of my shoulder. "Lilly pup, are you Mew?" She jumps in the air and changes into something pink and small, a mew.

"You're A MEW? Thats is, AWESOME!!!!" I yell. "You could of told me, I don't care who you are, your the best of all pokemon"! I grab mew and hold her tight. When i let go, she changes back to lilly pup. 

    "I think she does not want anyone to know," Ash says. Vixie and Chloe stare at him questioningly "What? Well, Mew are SUPER rare to find, so if somebody finds out, they will try to sell or take her away from you." I feel Mew shiver. I will never let you go lilly.
 The Moon Pokemon, Lunicia was its name I believe, had just twirled in the air a few seconds. 
It danced in unison with Flora’s: flying Murkrows, Roselia tossing sparkling petals in the air, the Bellesom spun around in the golden sparkles, her musically talented Lupunny and Glameow strumming the harps, and her Goldeens, Seakings, and adorable Lapras danced in a huge pool of glistening water!   
After we’d watched the dance in the Moonlight, Chloe and I split up, because the next show wasn’t until 30 minutes later at the stadium.  Chloe decided to buy some fashionable clothes and some more vegetarian pizza AGAIN.  Suddenly, Eevee let out an excited cry and gestured towards a booth with the words: Co-ordinator Store, on the cardboard sign above the booth.  It was surrounded by tons of people!

There was a girl with indigo hair held in a ponytail with a hot pink ribbon.  She was wearing a pink kimono that’s flowers matched the ribbon in her hair.  I walked up to the booth to look at what she was selling.  There were a variety of seals, signed pictures from famous co-ordinators!  In the corner, I spotted a picture of a girl with dark blue hair with a piplup and instantly recognized it was Dawn! “Excuse me, can I get one of those autographed pictures of Dawn?” the girl with indigo hair responded quickly and placed the Picture in a white, decorated paper bag.

“Anything else?” she questioned.

skimmed the display cases and requested five seals for Pokemon contests and a capsule ball as well and checked everything out for $8.00!  The first one gave a sparkling, shining effect with stars and silver crescent moons. When I tested the second seal, it gave off a strange effect where a light blue ribbon spirals around in the air and the Pokemon appears as a glowing light when the ribbon explodes in to sparkles. 
I’d only spent 6 minutes buying merchandise at the Co-ordinator Store until I spotted another store!  It was selling roller-skates, bikes, NavBikes, and etcetera!  A man with brown hair and a baseball hat with a pikachu imprinted on it ran this store.  I requested two pairs of roller-skates (a surprise present for Chloe, too) and a planner (Of course, for an exciting journey we HAVE to be organized and plan everything out).  [Yes, Chloe that means I’m
planning everything TONINGHT!]

There was still 17 minutes before the next performance began, so I still had a decent amount of time left to shop.  Next, I spotted a owner of Lunar City’s famous berry garden and store: Poffin Palace.  I raced over to the booth and greeted,“Hello, Lisa!”

Lisa’s hair curly, brownish reddish flew out from in front of her eyes and she replied, “Oh, hello, Vixie!  I hear tomorrow you begin your own Pokemon journey with Chloe and possibly Tim.  I would come with you two, but I have to continue my business.  “Oh, and I almost forgot!  Come here and bring Vixie some of her Cheri Oran Poffins, Budew!” Then, I spotted Lisa’s cute little budew carrying a small plastic plate with purplish Poffins!  “Here,” said Lisa, “I’ll give you these dozen of Poffins for free on your journey and a few berries as well!  This will be
my goodbye gift for you and Chloe!  Elaine is here somewhere and she is selling an app for defining what kind of berry you find is!  I would take it if I were you!  There are many berries here in Solunar!”

“Thanks, Lisa!  I promise I’ll win the Pokemon Contests and bring back some rare berries for you!” I responded.  Lisa just smiled and continued her work.
Vixie and I ran as fast as we could,we were too excited for the festival,and the pizza. I look down at Lilly pup. Her bow was flapping up and down while she ran.I noticed something very small under her bow.Like, a pink ear. But I got over it. After running up the rough hill, we saw  beautiful lights flickering in the sky." Fireworks", i hear Vixie say, with evee sweet voice behind."Lets go!" I scream.

 Everything was amazing. It was sparkling everywhere. But the first thing I want is to see Tim for pizza.
I look around for the smell of the vegetable pizza. "You know,you like Ash Ketchup!" Vixie says, rolling her eyes.

"I know 'bout, wait what? Did you just say Ash Ketchup?"

"...Its ash ketchum..."

After lillypup sniffing the scent and finding the pizza stand, I give her a PokeBone (made bye Elaine for Lillypup) and run up to Tim. "Hey girls." He says, with his dimples showing.  "Hey.  Whats up?" Vixie says.

"Not much,the usual Chloe?" Of course its the vegetarian pizza. I am not big on meat like others. I nod. I hear sizzles of the other stands making meals. I wonder what will  happen when we come back after our journey.

After the pizza, we run down the street to go on some rides before the legendary Pokemon jumps over the moon. I always wanted to see it in real life.

Vixie and I stay right in front to see the view of the perfect moment. Everyone quiets down as we see a sparkle.Its him. The Pokemon. The moon Pokemon.

He flies over in the moon light, and you can see him twirl to the sky. As soon as he is there, the sooner he disappears  into the sky. It was wonderful to see in person.
Chapter one (Vixie)

I intensely watched as Zoey made her
final move and won the place as the top co-ordinator. I sighed, silently to
myself. I am was a HUGE fan of Dawn, but Dawn, my favorite co-ordinator lost in
an action- filled battle full of strategy and impressive combinations against
Zoey. Suddenly there was a high beeping sound coming from my beloved PokePad
made by Elaine. "Oh, new message from Chloe & Lillipup, okay..." I said to
myself and read it:

Where's Tim, the pizzaman? i've been waiting for

I clicked the reply button and typed in:

Idk, but the
Moon Festival is in 5 min. meet u at ur house or mine? Bring Lilli!

Instantly, I received a message back from the pizza-eager Chloe...


This isn't the first time
I've had to convince Chloe to do something dealing with pizza. I just use the
same excuse each time to get my way:

Hey, i heard that Tim's going 2
sell pizza at the Festival and they have TONS of fashion stuff and etc. u've
gotta come with me 2 the Co-ordinator shop and Elaine's shop, too! Tomorrow’s
our last chance in a while! 

Vixie's long-term rival who orginially began her journey in the Heonn region and found an abandoned Cherubi.  Later on, Jenn also catches a Minun and soon chooses to head to the Solunar region.  Jenn wants her own story to be posted here, but she'll have to wait for Vixie and Chloe to accept.
    Vixie: A gang of evil meanies trying to capture the super adorable moon Pokemon, Lunicia.  So far, we don't even know why...aren;t they evil Chloe?

    Vixie: um...Chloe?

Narratorz: well, that was Vixie's Biased version now let's hear from Chloe...

    Chloe: five more minutes, I'm waiting for the pizzaman! 


    Vixie, currently 12 years old, but 10 in the story and Chloe, currently 12 years old, but 10 in the story.  Below are our Pokemon!


    October 2012


    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3

    Chapter one Summary

    So far in chapter one, Vixie and Chloe have chosen to attend the traditional Moon Festival of Lunar City!  They are going to watch the moon Festival, but who knows what's next...

    Chapter two Summary

    Vixie and Chloe finally arrive to the main stadium.  Along the way, the buy some vegetarian pizza to suit Chloe's healthy, but rather huge appitite.  You'll even get a chance to read about the Moon Pokemon's appearence!