The Moon Pokemon, Lunicia was its name I believe, had just twirled in the air a few seconds. 
It danced in unison with Flora’s: flying Murkrows, Roselia tossing sparkling petals in the air, the Bellesom spun around in the golden sparkles, her musically talented Lupunny and Glameow strumming the harps, and her Goldeens, Seakings, and adorable Lapras danced in a huge pool of glistening water!   
After we’d watched the dance in the Moonlight, Chloe and I split up, because the next show wasn’t until 30 minutes later at the stadium.  Chloe decided to buy some fashionable clothes and some more vegetarian pizza AGAIN.  Suddenly, Eevee let out an excited cry and gestured towards a booth with the words: Co-ordinator Store, on the cardboard sign above the booth.  It was surrounded by tons of people!

There was a girl with indigo hair held in a ponytail with a hot pink ribbon.  She was wearing a pink kimono that’s flowers matched the ribbon in her hair.  I walked up to the booth to look at what she was selling.  There were a variety of seals, signed pictures from famous co-ordinators!  In the corner, I spotted a picture of a girl with dark blue hair with a piplup and instantly recognized it was Dawn! “Excuse me, can I get one of those autographed pictures of Dawn?” the girl with indigo hair responded quickly and placed the Picture in a white, decorated paper bag.

“Anything else?” she questioned.

skimmed the display cases and requested five seals for Pokemon contests and a capsule ball as well and checked everything out for $8.00!  The first one gave a sparkling, shining effect with stars and silver crescent moons. When I tested the second seal, it gave off a strange effect where a light blue ribbon spirals around in the air and the Pokemon appears as a glowing light when the ribbon explodes in to sparkles. 
I’d only spent 6 minutes buying merchandise at the Co-ordinator Store until I spotted another store!  It was selling roller-skates, bikes, NavBikes, and etcetera!  A man with brown hair and a baseball hat with a pikachu imprinted on it ran this store.  I requested two pairs of roller-skates (a surprise present for Chloe, too) and a planner (Of course, for an exciting journey we HAVE to be organized and plan everything out).  [Yes, Chloe that means I’m
planning everything TONINGHT!]

There was still 17 minutes before the next performance began, so I still had a decent amount of time left to shop.  Next, I spotted a owner of Lunar City’s famous berry garden and store: Poffin Palace.  I raced over to the booth and greeted,“Hello, Lisa!”

Lisa’s hair curly, brownish reddish flew out from in front of her eyes and she replied, “Oh, hello, Vixie!  I hear tomorrow you begin your own Pokemon journey with Chloe and possibly Tim.  I would come with you two, but I have to continue my business.  “Oh, and I almost forgot!  Come here and bring Vixie some of her Cheri Oran Poffins, Budew!” Then, I spotted Lisa’s cute little budew carrying a small plastic plate with purplish Poffins!  “Here,” said Lisa, “I’ll give you these dozen of Poffins for free on your journey and a few berries as well!  This will be
my goodbye gift for you and Chloe!  Elaine is here somewhere and she is selling an app for defining what kind of berry you find is!  I would take it if I were you!  There are many berries here in Solunar!”

“Thanks, Lisa!  I promise I’ll win the Pokemon Contests and bring back some rare berries for you!” I responded.  Lisa just smiled and continued her work.

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    Vixie, currently 12 years old, but 10 in the story and Chloe, currently 12 years old, but 10 in the story.  Below are our Pokemon!


    October 2012


    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3

    Chapter one Summary

    So far in chapter one, Vixie and Chloe have chosen to attend the traditional Moon Festival of Lunar City!  They are going to watch the moon Festival, but who knows what's next...

    Chapter two Summary

    Vixie and Chloe finally arrive to the main stadium.  Along the way, the buy some vegetarian pizza to suit Chloe's healthy, but rather huge appitite.  You'll even get a chance to read about the Moon Pokemon's appearence!