Well, Chloe and I were a bit of a rush and did decide to skip the rest of the Moon Festival, but of course, you can find it in the extras section of Vixie at some point...

 Anyways, I was really surprised to find out that Ash's Pokedex [YES CHLOE, I think its a Pokedex still!] read that Chloe's Lillipup was a Mew.  

I also forgot to tell Chloe the second reason I came here: to get the latest, up-to-date version of the PokeNav app.  While Ash explains a few things to
Chloe, I ask Elaine to purchase the new version of the PokeNav app for PokePads.  "That'll be $15.00 in all, but you're recycling the previous one so you get a 75% discount," Elaine tapped a few numbers in to the Cashier register and I paid right out of my blue and black striped wallet with a yellow star in the middle.  Then, Elaine made a switch which the older version of the PokeNav to the new.  

"Chloe, it's time to go now," I reminded her in a slightly annoyed tone.

"Alright, I have to install the PokeDex/ Scanner app!"  Chloe replied and shuffled to Elaine.  

"So, is that Eevee your Pokemon," Ash asked.  I nodded and stared at the nervous, yet precious Eevee hiding behind my legs.  "Say, you guys haven't battled anyone before have you?  It's always good to battle when you want to form stronger bonds between your Pokémon."

 "Alright!  I want to be the top co-ordinator so I'll battle you first, but I warn you, Eevee and I have already planned some combonations!"  I agreed.  After, Chloe finished her shopping and we decided to delay our battle for now.

"You do realize Ash is traveling with us now," Chloe remarked.  We chatted on and on and explained our route to Ash and since he was dedicated to winning the Solunar Leauge and took on the Gym battle challenge.  First, we'll hunt for some Solunar Pokemon in the wild areas and camp there.  Tomorow, we'll rollerskate to the Lunar city gym and we can stop by the bike place to rent a bbike for Ash.  

"I'm actually going to do some training first, if you don't mind," I admitted.  Chloe and Ash head one way and I stay here.  "Okay, Eevee, use Sand-attack!"  The sand whirled around from the ground and manage to cover one area.  "Now use Dark ball through the middle!"  Eevee had just mastered this skill at the Moon Festival when we volunteered to do a practice battle.  Eevee jumped high in the air above the mini sandstorm and blew a dazzling dark ball straight in to the sand.  Brillantly, the sand mixed well with the purple sparkles and sand.  However, "It isn't enough," I sighed.  "The next Pokemon Contest is in a while, so we have time to
train to our best efforts,"  I looked in to the bright, blue sky and smiled, "At least we have a long journey and many chances to get better."

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    Vixie, currently 12 years old, but 10 in the story and Chloe, currently 12 years old, but 10 in the story.  Below are our Pokemon!


    October 2012


    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3

    Chapter one Summary

    So far in chapter one, Vixie and Chloe have chosen to attend the traditional Moon Festival of Lunar City!  They are going to watch the moon Festival, but who knows what's next...

    Chapter two Summary

    Vixie and Chloe finally arrive to the main stadium.  Along the way, the buy some vegetarian pizza to suit Chloe's healthy, but rather huge appitite.  You'll even get a chance to read about the Moon Pokemon's appearence!