All about Contest Ribbons!

Well, May has some, Dawn has some, Zoey has some, Ursuala has some, Kenny has some, Jessie has some, Drew has some, and so many other co-ordinators have some!  I wonder where all these ribbons come from! 

All about Pokemon Contests!

Yeah, I consider myself a Experienced Pokemon Co-ordinator, so I'll explain a few tips to become an amazing Co-ordinator. 

First, before you enter your first contest, you have to train and find combonations of moves that will impress your audience.  Choose one to perform on stage and don't forget seals can also help your performance!

Next, when you perform, don't be nervous or your Pokemon will be nervous and might mess up!  So calm yourself to make it through the next round.

Finally, when it's time to battle, use some of your combonations and your opponents moves to show off your Pokemon.  With a little bit of practice at contest, you'll be a professional in no time!


Some Famous Co-ordinators!


Dawn from Twinleaf town is the daughter of Johanna, a previous winner of the Grand Festival.  Dawn takes her mother's footsteps to nearly becoming top co-ordinator!


Ursula is one of Dawn's rivals and trained hard enough to enter the Grand Festival, too!


Every Co-ordinator has to know Zoey!  After all, she won the place as top co-ordinator!

This is Dawn, a co-ordinator who almost won it as top co-ordinator! If seen, be sure to say hi to her Piplip!
Dawn was SOOO close to winning the Pokemon Grand Festival, but Zoey eventually won it all in an action- filled battle with Dawn.  This included a HUGE scene full of dazzling combonations, fireworks in the air, and many wonderous ations chosen wisely by their trainers!
This is Zoey the newest top Pokemon Co-ordinator! If you see this challenging trainer, be sure to challenge her to a battle!
I hope you enjoyed the Battle between Zoey and Dawn above!  ANY co-ordinator can see that this was an impressive battle to remember!  I would totally suggest staying up-to-date with our latest Co-orindator Gossip!

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