Vixie: A gang of evil meanies trying to capture the super adorable moon Pokemon, Lunicia.  So far, we don't even know why...aren;t they evil Chloe?

    Vixie: um...Chloe?

Narratorz: well, that was Vixie's Biased version now let's hear from Chloe...

    Chloe: five more minutes, I'm waiting for the pizzaman! 

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    Vixie, currently 12 years old, but 10 in the story and Chloe, currently 12 years old, but 10 in the story.  Below are our Pokemon!


    October 2012


    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3

    Chapter one Summary

    So far in chapter one, Vixie and Chloe have chosen to attend the traditional Moon Festival of Lunar City!  They are going to watch the moon Festival, but who knows what's next...

    Chapter two Summary

    Vixie and Chloe finally arrive to the main stadium.  Along the way, the buy some vegetarian pizza to suit Chloe's healthy, but rather huge appitite.  You'll even get a chance to read about the Moon Pokemon's appearence!